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SmartWeb Help | API

1. Introduction

This manual contains hints and adivce of how to use the SmartWeb API.

The SmartWeb API makes it possible to integrate SmartWeb with external system such as accounting software by making it possible to fetch, create, update and delete entities in the system.

The SmartWeb API is based on SOAP version 1.2, and is described in a WSDL in the document / literal wrapped format, which is compatible with proxy generators for most major programmingplatforms such as PHP, JAVA and .NET.

This documentation consists mainly of examples on using the API. The first part goes through a series of simple examples on how to create a connection to a solution, and how to perform various data manipulatons. via the API.

The second part is a combined example using a Visual Studio autogenerated proxy client, which can be found here.

The full documentation can be found at

Access to the API is turned off by default. This can be changed under controlpanel > API.