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SmartWeb Help | API

2.1 Create a SOAP client

To connect to a solution a new SoapClient object is created. The path to the WSDL (Web Service Description Lanugage) file for the SmartWeb API is given as the argument.

$Client = new SoapClient('');

The file can be accessed at, but it makes good sense to download the file and use it locally, as it gives developement tools such as Zend Studio the possibility to give hints to functionnames and the possibility to autocomplete the the methodnames which can be invoked on the client.

It should be noted that all examples in this section is using the standard PHP soap client. Using the PHP soap client to connect to our api requires all arguments to be wrapped in an array, which can also be seen in the examples in this section.

The documentation at displays arguments in normal style (posibility for multiple arguments)

The convention for calling via the PHP soap client in general is to wrap arguments in an array with the argument name as key and the value as the value. For example:

Category_UpdateTitle (int $CategoryId, string $Title, string $LanguageISO)

in the documentation is called like this via the PHP soap client:

Category_UpdateTitle (['CategoryId' => int, 'Title' => string, 'LanguageISO' => string])