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SmartWeb Help | API

2.4. Setup dataformats

To optimize speed of acquiring larger amounts of data via the API it is important to specify excactly which data to include in the extract. For example if data is needed to update the stock of products and their variants, the dataformat could be set to:

$Client->Product_SetFields(array('Fields' => 'Id,Stock,Varians'));
$Client->Product_SetVariantFields(array('Fields' => 'Id,Stock'));

The effect of these calls is that the date the API returns in following calls for product and variant data will only contain the specified fields, which will greatly reduce the amount of data being transferred compared to a full extract of the two enteties. This again optimizes the transfertime, and in the end, the runtime of the local application performing the update.

It is possible to specify the wanted datafields enteties using:

  • Product_SetFields

  • Product_SetVariantFields

  • Order_SetFields

  • Order_SetOrderLineFields

  • User_Setfields